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About Us

Full Service Contract Manufacturer

ANC is a 100% Australian owned company that develops, manufactures, wholesales and distributes high-quality products domestically and abroad. The company was first established in 2012 from forerunner companies that began in 2007.

Our Mission

We work with companies seeking finished products or ingredients for skincare, hair & beauty, bath-care, bath salts, sports and nutritional supplements that are made from the best that nature has to offer combined with ethical, Australian-regulated manufacturing practices. Companies that work with ANC Enterprises enjoy confidence and peace of mind knowing that an ethical, strictly regulated and professionally managed process is being used to create products that work. We pride ourselves on quality and providing first class customer service above all else and can either manufacture a tailor made formulation for you or you can choose to use one of our exisitng formulations with your own branding. Whatever your needs, ANC is founded on family prnciples and if you join the ANC family, we will look after all your needs.

Our Philosophy

Our first and foremost guiding principle at ANC is our 100%, uncompromising commitment to quality.

We believe that by only producing the highest quality products, we will achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and

our customers will in turn achieve the same with their customers. This commitment ensures a continuous, self-perpetuating

cycle where we all benefit and grow off one another’s successes. It is this strategic partnership between ANC and our

customers that guides all our business decisions and creates the confidence and trust which ultimately forms the corner

stone upon which all our actions are based.

Our Team

One of the key elements to our success at ANC is our Team.

Every member of the ANC family is aligned and committed to delivering on our Company Philosophy. Our staff are highly professional, experienced and extensively trained in their respective areas.

Our customers can rest assured with the knowledge that our Teams values are 100% aligned with yours and we have the combined experience required to deliver on our promises.


Con Kozaris

Director, Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Con Kozaris As COO, manages the day-to-day operations of ANC Enterprises. From a Greek background, he has studied and learnt from some of the greatest minds in Europe. Con has a long-held interest in natural remedies, natural skincare and is extremely knowledgeable in essential oils and herbal extract. In conjunction with Tom van Wunnik, Con and Tom have combines experience of over 55 years in product development and manufacturing. One of Cons key strengths is to upscale productions and bring products to market. Con has helped many formulators and other manufacturers to create stable formulations to ensure the end product meets all required standards and works.


Tom van Wunnik

Director and Head of Research and Development

Tom van Wunnik, who arrived in Australia from Holland in 1954, graduated as a natural therapist in 1968. He started his natural therapy practice in Coburg, Victoria, soon after and remains in practice to this day. He is a Fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association and has been a member since 1968. Soon after graduation, Tom began importing herbs and extracts he required for his work that were not available in Australia. This led to the development of a 20-year business that supplied these products to natural health professionals around the country. In 1989, he became Co-founder, Director and 50% owner of Aura Laboratories, a TGA-licensed manufacturer of natural pharmaceutical products. The business was sold in 1998. Tom has been a TGA regulatory affairs consultant for 20 years, assisting clients through the registration process for their products. He bought into ANC Enterprises in 2014 as an equal shareholder and his role includes research and development, formulations, and regulatory affairs.


Toby Scott


Toby joined ANC in 2021 having previously worked for the manufacturing arm of TGA licensed Life-Space Probiotics. Toby has a Bachelor Degree in Strategic Management with Distinction Honors. He comes with a broad understanding of Manufacturing Operations, Lean principles and Sales and Account Management. He has over 7 years experience working for TGA contract manufacturers and has a strong understanding of the complex elements required to produce the highest quality products in the most efficient means possible. He has a passion for Continuous Improvement and is always seeking new ways to exceed our customers expectations and deliver the highest quality products and services at affordable prices for all our customers.

Christina Kozaris

Head of Quality Assurance

Christina Kozaris, an esteemed professional and Head of Quality in the cosmetic manufacturing industry since 2012, possesses an unparalleled wealth of manufacturing knowledge and experience. As a trailblazer, she led ANC ENTERPRISES to becoming the first company in Australia to receive the prestigious GMP ISO 22716 ANAB accreditation. Christina's remarkable expertise ensures that under her guidance, our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the cosmetic industry. This coveted certification paves the way for exporting cosmetics of exceptional standards globally. With Christina at the helm, we guarantee the production of cosmetics that meet and exceed the stringent requirements, setting new benchmarks in the industry.